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Digitially Enhanced Colored Pencil Drawing Graphic Arts
About Me...

I am an artist by nature,
a scientist by nurture.

I guess both sides of my brain are developed equally.
Who says that you can't be an artist and a scientist at the same time?

There's no a such thing as left-brained or right-brained --
We all use every neuron in our brains.

I like colored pencil drawings
because you can be very precise
(being a scientist) and

artistic about the shades of color (being an artist)
so you can highlight the colors and expressions you want.

Besides, drawing is so natural to all of us.

Well, actually there is a great deal of knowledge
in the physics of color and shadow,

the mathematics of curvatures and proportions, and
understanding the psychophysics of the human visual system

to know what is pleasing to the eyes --
what contrast is pleasant,

what curvature is pleasing,
what detail is important, and

what are not important
to make a good drawing with a WOW

that strikes an emotional cord in the viewer
which resonates the artist's expressions.

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